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Terms Of Service


Your group size is required when booking. In the event of a smaller turnout, you will be charged according to the original booking and if your turnout is larger than original booking, pricing will change accordingly. Should your group be considerably larger, advanced notification is necessary to ensure that we can accommodate your changes.In summary, we urge you to be as accurate as possible in your estimate of the group size.

Booking fee

A booking is not considered confirmed unless the booking fee has been received in advance. The fee is included in your total price and is non-refundable. However, if cancellation is due to bad weather, your booking fee will be honored for re-scheduling up to the end of the current season (June 30th). Please remit your booking fee with a note confirming date, time, group size, bone fire either by mail or e-mail money transfer (arrange password separately).

Payment terms

Payment balance is due at the time of the ride.


In the case of cancelation due to bad weather, your booking fee will be honored for a later date within the season. Should you choose to not reschedule, your booking fee will not be honored past the end of the current season (June 30th). Outright cancellations will also result in the forfeiture of your booking fee. In any case, please notify us of your cancellation.

Bad weather

We are willing to go out in most weather conditions as long as our horses can work safely. However we realize that if your group feels that they will be uncomfortable in less than ideal weather, they should look to reschedule. We do not set any temperature limits as wind and humidity factors can also influence conditions. We expect that each group will know their tolerance level. If you have any concerns about the weather please feel free to consult with us.

Waiver in effect

Horse drawn hay/sleigh rides/ tours and their related activities present many inherent risks and dangers. All participants are deemed to have assumed all these risks and dangers by agreeing to a waiver signed by your organizer/contact person. All participants shall be so advised. A copy of this waiver is available upon request.

Suggestions & precautions

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  • Please dress for the conditions as this is an outdoor activity.
  • Please arrive on time as we may have other rides following yours.
  • Limited parking is available so plan to arrive with a minimum of vehicles. Please do not block any thoroughfares.
  • Being that our new location is further out of town, smaller groups may want to arrive by bus. Large groups and schools are encouraged to arrive by chartered bus. Any group arriving by bus should have one or more support vehicles in case of an emergency. Check the yellow pages for bus lines available or call us for bus lines recommendations.
  • NO glass bottles. This rule is strictly enforced due to obvious hazards to man and beast. Alternative containers such as wineskins, plastic bottles, thermoses, and cans are acceptable.
  • DO NOT take valuables on the ride (watches, cell phones, keys, jewelry, etc.) We are not responsible for lost articles.
  • The teamster (driver) is the captain on your ride. Your cooperation will ensure both safety as well as your enjoyment.
  • Please exercise caution around the horses. Do not feed any of the horses. If you have brought treats for the horses, please leave them with the driver who will feed them after the ride is completed.
  • If you wish to be active during the ride, do so carefully and respectfully to others. All small children should be seated or in hand at all times.