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After a gradual shift in career in 1972, Dick Laurin began his hay and sleigh ride business. His first team consisted of a tall molly mule and a saddle horse, but shortly after that, a pair of matched horses arrived, with two more pairs to follow. In a few short years, Dick’s clientele had grown, ranging in busloads of U of A Students, party groups, youth groups and families.

By the early 80’s, his company had become an established venture consisting of four rigs with draft horses and both wagon’s and sleighs. And, many regular customers booked annual events. One time-honored client established in the beginning booked their annual family Christmas sleigh ride with 2012 being their 32nd consecutive ride!

Then, the demand for onsite rides, with schools, community leagues, shopping centers, etc. began, opening a new page of regular customers. After 40 years at their original location (17th Street and Sherwood Park Freeway), they were finally overtaken by urban sprawl. So, the tradition of hay and sleigh rides now continues at their new location east of Sherwood Park.

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